Hey, I'm Max Allouch.


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My name is Max Allouch
I'm a young designer based in Paris.

Currently in 4th year at Hetic.


I believe in the power of every idea ! I believe in the potential of every human being, every brand and every product. I strive to design solutions tailored to each problem to connect the product to users. And make every experience unique.

  • Creative concepting
  • User experience
  • Information architecture
  • Interface design
  • Product design
  • Mobile & desktop design
  • Motion design

I am looking for an internship of 5 or 6 months for the period June to January so…

Tesla x google
Lead designer, micro interaction

About project

During a fictional school project, we had to recreate the Tesla Model X dashboard, a family model.

The purpose of the exercise is a combination of Tesla and another brand : Google. A new interface and a new use for the future of the automobile.

Interactions & Apps

In addition to the applications compatible with the dashboard, we thought about integrating the Google Earth functionality within the car.

By integrating Google Earth you can travel while staying in your tesla. Explore and relax by discovering the landscapes that Google Earth makes available to us. Create a realistic experience and atmosphere of places or animals present on Google Earth inside the Tesla.

Available on Mobile

In addition to the dashboard, it is possible to control your tesla remotely. We can do simple actions, such as changing the air-conditioning to get into a car to heat up in advance, looking for a route before taking the car...

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